Regina Puckett

Regina is a gifted wordsmith who anchors two of the group’s blogs. Being the host of the Romance and the Poetry blogs keeps her busy as she is prolifically composing novels and personal blogs of her own as well. She welcomes readers and fellow authors to interact with her blogs by posting comments, stories and author’s pages.

Our Poet Laureate is the perfect person to tell us about Romance, Romance literature, and writing Romance.
Regina Puckett

Charity Fields has everything she has ever wanted. She has just married her childhood sweetheart and has landed her first leading role in a major motion film production. But soon a terrible lie and a heartbreaking betrayal turns her life upside down, and she has to rethink her entire future. Charity realizes she needs to put some distance between her and her old love, so she relocates to California to begin a new life. When she’s faced yet again with another loss and betrayal she doesn’t think her heart can handle the pain. Through it all Charity discovers that she has strength she never knew she had, and even if she has to keep her new love concealed in her heart, she will survive no matter what.

A collection of 55 poems-
The Afternoon Blaze
The sky was aflame with towering clouds of fire
Its warnings appeared to be a poetic, sunlit pyre
Red and orange against billowing whites and grays
Creating the late afternoon’s most dazzling blaze

Baby Dragon wants to fly more than anything else in the world, but his head is too big, his stomach is too round and his wings are too small. Mother Dragon is more than happy to let him borrow hers. Borrowed Wings is a story about the circle of life, and how sooner or later, we all need help from someone else.

Won 2013 Turning Pages Poetry Book of the Year

Caterpillar makes the biggest cocoon in the world, because he can’t decide whether he wants to be a dog, cat, horse or cow when he grows up. But when he finally wiggles out of the cocoon, he can’t bark, meow, neigh or moo.

Mine- A night of ghost hunting with a sexy coworker turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse with an evil spirit. Can anything save them when the spirit decides they belong to him? Crying through Plastic Eyes-A messy divorce, a room filled with creepy dolls, and a missing six-year-old all create the perfect storm for a young mother’s worse nightmare. Will Work for Food- You see them everywhere begging for money or food. When an older couple decides to lend a helping hand to a young man and his son, someone gets more than they bargain for. Pieces-A battered woman confesses to the mutilation and death of her husband, but did she really commit this heinous crime? Paying the Hitchhiker-You see a beautiful young woman on the side of the road with her thumb out, asking for a ride. Who should be the most afraid: the hitchhiker or the person picking her up? Inheritance-A confession from Accalia’s grandmother about a curse and an inheritance are just the prologue to seven days of suffering through a living hell.

A collection of poems listed below:
1. Yearnings
2. Rose Petals
3. Rose-Colored Glasses
4. In His Eyes
5. Puppets and Fools
6. Real Dreams
7. What Did You Do
8. The Keeper of Secrets
9. A New Day
10. Signposts and Cliffs
11. Loved
12. Almost Friend
13. A Complex Void
14. Assessments
15. Breaking Dawn
16. Gathering Storm Clouds
17. Gray Skies
18. Here and Now
19. Innocence Lost
20. Inside
21. Life’s Dance
22. No Pretending
23. Riding Shotgun
24. Spell Check, Please
25. Sunshine Wins the Day
26. Tit for Tat
27. Unexpected Gifts
28. Wanted
29. Yin And Yang
30. The Voyage
31. Pat a Cake
32. Cut in Half
33. Hiding from Chaos
34. A Little Bad
35. Never

Signposts and Cliffs

Some days I’m hard pressed to see hope or joy
I run tirelessly toward a goal only to discover it’s a decoy
Trusted signposts and markers have only led to the edge of a cliff
The things I once thought were solid are filled with cracks and a rift
Can anything be trusted or is it all just a ruthless, cruel sham
Where the lambs are led to the slaughter and no one really gives a damn

Gregory believes a promise should never be broken. At the age of twelve he promises to wait on four year old Mary Elizabeth. While everyone else believes it was just a sweet exchange between two children, Gregory never forgets his promise of marriage.

Even though Mary Elizabeth doesn’t believe in fairy tales, she does believe in Gregory. While her parents continue to insist he won’t keep his promise, she knows he will. Years before, her young heart recognized the person it belonged to. But just when she believes her perfect future is about to come true, a spiteful adversary causes her to doubt Gregory’s sincerity. Now the future doesn’t seem quite so bright or certain.

Gregory and Mary Elizabeth will have to overcome many obstacles in order to stop waiting and to finally begin living and loving.

A collection of poetry-
“The Blank Page”
The blank page seduces and whispers my name
Knights, killers and lovers wait without shame
Eager for their moment at the next written quest
Where worlds will be formed and destinies wrest
Words spill forth and the exhilarating game is on
Battles are staged and fictional lines are drawn
After all of their performances have been cunningly played
Worlds will have been molded and new characters conveyed

A collection of poetry and thoughts.
Sir Galahad Comes to the Rescue won 3rd place in the WSBR International Poetry Contest.

The Timeless Race
I fly on velvety wings and balmy wind
As fingers with purpose caress my skin
I forget to breathe and slip through time and space
As my heart joins yours in life’s timeless race

Seth Black is Nashville’s next-big-thing in country music. Unfortunately, the road to fame is fraught with temptation and danger. At every turn, Seth has to fight off beautiful women, whilst at the same time struggling to make the Black family name something to be proud of again. It would be easy to fall into the same kind of trap that had snared his once famous father, Montgomery Black. Seth, though, wants more from his life than drugs, alcohol and womanizing. While he did inherit his deceased father’s great singing voice and stage presence, Seth absolutely refuses to fall into the same rowdy lifestyle that ultimately destroyed his father, and their family. His biggest dream is to have the type of home life he never had when growing up, but the life of a country music star means he’ll have to be extra careful.

A collection of thoughts and feelings.
Memories won 1st place in the 1st WSBR International Poetry Contest.
Paperback: 204 pages
ISBN-10: 1451265956
ISBN-13: 978-1451265958

After a night of celebrating with friends, Emily Warren is attacked by a colleague. She’s fortunate to escape his rape attempt but now suffers from terrifying nightmares. Emily accepts an invitation from a friend and makes the trip out to Bill’s farm, knowing she will have to be careful about what she confides in him. Emily wants to try to hide the fact she has been attacked and that her attacker is still threatening her. She also doesn’t want to reveal she loves Bill. Bill has two weeks to find out what is frightening Emily. He told her a white lie to get her to come to his farm. Soon after they are reunited, they both surrender to their feelings of love. Unfortunately, outside events come between them. They are going to have to fight for each other if true love is going to conquer all, and finally allow them to learn what their hearts already know.

A Collection of Poetry 1. Savoring Life 2. Used-Up Ashes 3. True Love 4. Bitter Edge of Grief 5. Love’s Defeat 6. An Outward Revelation 7. Splendidly Blessed 8. Nothing Left 9. Life’s Score 10. Love’s First Kiss 11. Past’s Ghost 12. Until the World Quivers 13. Winter’s Bastard offspring 14. He’ll Beg for More 15. Suffocating Breath 16. The Hanging Tree 17. My Heart Truly Believes 18. Final Day of Reckoning 19. A Declaration of Love 20. Leave You Never 21. Wishes 22. Fragments of His Soul 23. Their Hearts Overflowed 24. Once Upon 25. Pinch by Pinch 26. More than We Can See 27. Despicable Words 28. Not a Race 29. Unrehearsed 30. Without Any expectation 31. Without Any Protection 32. Filling the Mind With Cancers 33. Falling Rain 34. No One Heard 35. Watched Evil Hide 36. The First Star of the Night 37. Only I Grieved 38. The World Kept Spinning 39. I watched Love Die 40. A Small Glimpse 41. What Love Gave Me 42. Whenever I Draw Near 43. Three Words 44. Love’s Breathless Beauty 45. Pretty Sings 46. No Stronger Love 47. A Muddy River 48. Through Hell and Back 49. There’s Nothing Here to See 50. Heroes 51. The Real Me Heroes Do heroes wake up and say I’m going to be a hero today? Or does bravery slip on like a suit When forced down a dangerous route?

Alle had no idea a date with her hot coworker, James, was going to go so terribly wrong. She should have refused to go as soon as he told her they were going ghost-hunting in an old abandoned mental hospital. It didn’t take long to discover that they are the ones who are being hunted.

Pamela loves playing games, as do both her partners, just not together. There’s nothing like an exhilarating night of hide-and-seek or catch-me-if-you-can before a long evening of sex with one or the other. The problem? There’s a demon-possessed serial killer on the loose who loves playing sex games as much as Pamela does.

A family obligation forces Phillip into accepting a late Christmas Eve invitation, but what he doesn’t realize is that on this night, his life is going to change forever. A beautiful comatose woman will teach him the true meaning of life and the importance of not sleeping through the beauty of it all. While he waits for his sleeping beauty to awake from her coma, he has to face the fact that, if she does awaken, even though he has had time to fall in love with her, he will be a complete stranger to her.

This story begins with a gorgeous guy dressed as Santa and a woman who has sworn off love.
Have you ever wanted someone to look at you and see who you really are? That’s all Jordan has ever wanted, so when she meets Samuel and the sparks fly, it’s easy to become lost in the depths of his beautiful blue eyes. While she fights this attraction, Samuel is going to have to convince her that he sees her…really sees her.

While Sheriff Wilson has no idea what really transpired the night twelve people were murdered in the old mental hospital during what was supposed to be a simple night of ghost hunting, he was at the scene moments after the lone survivor committed suicide. Now it’s a year later and a group of paranormal investigators want to set up a haunted house and invite the general public in that same abandoned mental hospital. How is he supposed to keep that many people safe from whoever or whatever killed the last group?

Kelli admits to murdering her abusive husband, but did she? That answer can be found among the many pieces of her shattered life.

Not good enough for heaven but not bad enough to burn, Kylie has a slight problem. She’s dead and trapped between the realms.
Left with no options she follows Detective Liam Stone on the hunt for her killer. Death has left Kylie invisible but does nothing to dampen her desire for the sexy detective. Instead it gives her the freedom to do as she pleases with his body, and what a delicious body it is.

You see them everywhere. They stop you as you leave the grocery store. They accost you at gas stations and even when you’re leaving a restaurant with your family. Is there anything to be done about the growing number of beggars? It’s becoming a dog eat dog world.
Doris and Gerald Langford stop to help a young man and his son. They are willing to work for food, so why does this act of charity turn out so deadly?

Why does everyone across the university’s campus call the Medieval Literature professor, Dr. Alec Knight, a brut and a beast, but Holly Day insists there has to be a better man hidden deep inside of him? Is there really a concealed beauty in the beast or is Alec just as terrible as the rest of the world believes him to be? One snowy day out on a cold stone wall in the middle of the university, when everyone else has left for the Christmas break, Holly finds out the truth and neither she nor Alec will ever be the same again.

What do you get when you add a messy divorce, a room filled with creepy dolls and a six year old? You get two days of living in hell.

Jennifer and Jason pick up a pretty young lady heading in the same direction they are going. Surely at some point their mothers told them never to talk to strangers or let one get in the car with them. What happens next will be told around campfires for years to come as a cautionary tale.

In our beloved fairy tales of old, Prince Charming always saves the damsel in distress. In our modern world, sometimes the damsel has to find a way to save her prince.

When Sarah White meets the ruggedly handsome Staff Sergeant Charlie Prince, she discovers a man with a pure heart hidden underneath his warrior façade. Before Charlie leaves with his unit for Afghanistan, he promises to stay in touch, but after nine months of exchanging letters and emails, he stops writing. When the letters stop coming, Sarah waits in agonized suspense, not knowing if the man she had fallen in love with has been killed in action or if he has just decided he is no longer interested in her.

Balloon Wishes is the sequel to If Love was Enough.
A dying soldier’s last wish is for someone to tell his wife how much he loved her, and how much he wanted to be there for the birth of their baby.
Jacob loses his leg, his faith and faces the dilemma of how to keep the dead Marine’s last request without hurting the grieving widow all over again.
God’s plan brings them together by using the faith of a child’s innocent wish for his mother.

Inheritance-A confession from Accalia’s grandmother about a curse and an inheritance are just the prologue to seven days of suffering through a living hell

If love was enough, April’s husband wouldn’t have been killed just days before his tour of duty was completed.

All April has ever asked of God was for Adam’s safe return. Every day she sent up the same request, but now it is the day of Adam’s funeral and she wonders if God ever heard any of those prayers.


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