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I’ve republished The Rode to Justice (John Rode, 1st-grade detective, murder stories) Kindle book. I have put the book ‘UNJUSTIFIED’ after I got a review on Amazon. As you can see…


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The Real McCoy

Did you wonder whether the expressions ‘the real McCoy’ or ‘Gordon Bennett!’ came from? I did, so I looked them up. I find the explanations very interesting, and I pass them on to you in the hope you will find them interesting too.

When something pleases us, we may say ‘it’s the real McCoy’ – the genuine article.

‘McCoy’ started his life as Norman Selby, a boxer, who was born in Rush County, Indiana, in 1873. In 1891, he changed his name to Charles ‘Kid’ McCoy, thinking to succeed as a boxer, he must have an Irish name since Irish boxers were popular at that time.

At the height of his success, a middleweight named Al McCoy appeared on the scene. From then on, Kid McCoy was billed as the REAL McCoy to distinguish him from lesser fighters.

But the expression ‘The Real McCoy’ originally applied to first class whisky…

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The Origin of Fairy Tales by K J Rollinson

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Jack & The Beanstalk

Fairy tales have been told as bedtime stories by generations of parents, but the tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood may be even older, dating back thousands of years.

The Telegraph, dated 5th September 2009, stated that popular fairy tales and folk stories are more ancient than was previously thought, according to research by biologists. Contrary to the view that the tale originated in France shortly before Charles Perrault produced the first written version in the 17th century; variants shared a common ancestor dating back more than 2,600 years.

And in the ‘Writing Magazine’ this month, there is an article, headed ‘Researchers dig deep for fairy tale history’. It says ‘Beauty and the Beast’ can be traced back thousands of years, and not just to the 16th and 17th century as originally thought. The article includes that ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ was rooted in a group of stories classified…

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Maranda Front Cover v8

I have published my children’s book Maranda the Mermaid, both in soft book and Kindle. It is available on Amazon and Createspace. Price £7.00 and $10.34 as a soft book and £1.99p and $2.93 as the Kindle version. The book was published on 12th January 2016. When I went to books and books it came up with the message:
“showing results for Miranda the Mermaid. Search instead for “Maranda the Mermaid”. You click on “Maranda the Mermaid” and it shows my book.

I chose to call the main character Maranda instead of Miranda because there are numerous books on Amazon showing Miranda the Mermaid. The word Mar means the sea in Spanish, so I thought the name was very appropriate for a mermaid.

Thank you, Janette Davies for formatting the contents of my book. Her publishing company is Thanks, too, to Michael Barton for doing the front…

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Spoonerism by K J Rollinson

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William Archibald Spooner has become famous for his real, or alleged, ‘spoonerisms’ – play on words, in which consonants, vowels are switched. Few of his spoonerisms were deliberate. Spooner admitted to uttering ‘Kinkering congs their titles take’. He bumbled his way through life, tripping over his words and giving his name to the word ‘spoonerism’ which was included in the dictionary in his own lifetime. But while Dr Spooner did have a tendency to misplace some of his words, he was certainly no bumbling idiot. He was a classical scholar, a Doctor of Divinity and the Warden of New College, Oxford.

As a tutor and a priest, he was greatly admired by his students. He was eloquent and his speeches and sermons were invariably interesting and amusing. Some of his speech lapses probably resulted from the difficulty he sometimes had in reading since, being an albino, he suffered from defective…

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scan0001Although or Though

I use the word ‘although’ in my books, but I have read books which use the word ‘though’ and thought to myself what is the difference. I referred to old-faithful ‘Mr Google’ to find out and here is what he came up with. I pass it on in case it is useful to anyone out there.

In these examples, ‘although’ and ‘though’ are the same:
Growth in Europe is maintaining momentum, although the risks related to peripheral economies have increased. [Globe and Mail]
Unlike the other comparisons, however, this one is apt, though perhaps not in a way Cantor intended. [Washington Post]
Although the birds are just a small part of his business, carefully raising the pheasants from delicate eggs to beautifully feathered birds is clearly a passion. [The Age]
Some grown unschoolers, though positive about it overall, admit they’ve at times longed to be just like the other kids … [National Post]
And in…

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Guest Interview with Viv Drewa. (K J Rollinson)

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viv drewa

I have great pleasure this week in presenting an interview with the talented author, Viv Drewa.

1. Please tell us something about yourself.

This is always hard for me. Lol. I’m an avid reader, dressmaker (I had my own business designing and making wedding and gowns for 25 years), I started to study medicinal chemistry at University of Michigan but life had other ideas, and I love working with physically and mentally disabled people.

2. When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

I was 9 years old. I read all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books then picked “The Whistling Sword” by James R. Green and was simply fascinated by it. I didn’t know you could mention real-life people in fiction, Genghis Khan was in this book, and the way Green presented the story hooked me.

3. What conditions do you need in order to…

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Writing: Learning the Craft Never Ends

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I have always said this and meant it. Yet even knowing this to be true, I still am surprised at learning more lessons! The more we write, the more we learn. It sounds simplistic but it isn’t.

Currently, I am writing my fifth novel which begins a new series. I write as a three act play. It works for me: set up, middle and ending. I love writing that way because despite being a seat of the pantser, I do find I like some structure.

As I am well into my novel, I find I am much more aware of pacing than I was. As I don’t use an outline, I am amazed to find my characters pulling me into the action, telling me what’s coming next and so on. Sometimes I try to second guess them but it doesn’t feel right and really, I don’t want to ruffle their…

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New Book, Little Freebie, and Coming Kindle Countdowns

Jo Robinson

I was planning on trying to organise a little launch tour this weekend for my Beginners Guide to Publishing on Amazon, The Absolute Indie, but what with being out for the count lately and my internet connection behaving badly, it’s too late for that now. Still, there are Kindle countdown deals set to run to the eleventh of September which I can’t cancel for African Me & Satellite TV, Echoes of Narcissus, and Shadow People. I’ll post again when the countdowns start today sometime. Fly Birdie will be free from now till the ninth. Click on the cover below if you fancy a short read, and I’ll share here when The Visitation goes free tomorrow.

Fly Birdie Cover.jpg 2820 by 4500.jpgwwwww

My other short story, Nkoninkoni’s rights have reverted to me, and is live for sale on Amazon but not enrolled in Select yet until I find out from the publisher of the anthology that it’s…

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