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Maranda Front Cover v8

I have published my children’s book Maranda the Mermaid, both in soft book and Kindle. It is available on Amazon and Createspace. Price £7.00 and $10.34 as a soft book and £1.99p and $2.93 as the Kindle version. The book was published on 12th January 2016. When I went to books and books it came up with the message:
“showing results for Miranda the Mermaid. Search instead for “Maranda the Mermaid”. You click on “Maranda the Mermaid” and it shows my book.

I chose to call the main character Maranda instead of Miranda because there are numerous books on Amazon showing Miranda the Mermaid. The word Mar means the sea in Spanish, so I thought the name was very appropriate for a mermaid.

Thank you, Janette Davies for formatting the contents of my book. Her publishing company is Thanks, too, to Michael Barton for doing the front…

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