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scan0001Although or Though

I use the word ‘although’ in my books, but I have read books which use the word ‘though’ and thought to myself what is the difference. I referred to old-faithful ‘Mr Google’ to find out and here is what he came up with. I pass it on in case it is useful to anyone out there.

In these examples, ‘although’ and ‘though’ are the same:
Growth in Europe is maintaining momentum, although the risks related to peripheral economies have increased. [Globe and Mail]
Unlike the other comparisons, however, this one is apt, though perhaps not in a way Cantor intended. [Washington Post]
Although the birds are just a small part of his business, carefully raising the pheasants from delicate eggs to beautifully feathered birds is clearly a passion. [The Age]
Some grown unschoolers, though positive about it overall, admit they’ve at times longed to be just like the other kids … [National Post]
And in…

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