How the Talon story came to life by Gigi Sedlmayer (printed and edited by K J Rollinson)

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After surviving a deadly disease and couldn’t go to work any longer, I wanted to be an author, to do something with my life and to leave something behind. The thought came, since I love birds, to write a story about a big bird and a handicapped child. It had to be a really big bird. And there, there was only the huge and majestic condor. But they live in South America. Well, so be it. The story goes to Peru.

But not knowing anything about the Indians in Peru and not much about condors, I sat in the library for three full days, studying everything about the Indians, their culture, condors, and their habits. At that time, there was not much information available on the Internet, but it was enough to start. Unfortunately, there were only a few pictures of condors but there were enough to show what majestic…

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