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Now, I happen to think clowns can be scary looking–not always, but very often. I think one person is responsible for that. The serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. He dressed as a clown to entertain children in hospitals. Now, I don’t know if he realized just how evil he looked in the clown makeup, but he looked pretty scary to me!

Eventually, he was executed for having murdered thirty young men. I never forgot him or the case.

If he isn’t solely responsible for generating fear of clowns (among some of us), he’s partially responsible. They scare us. We don’t know what they’re like under that clown makeup.

Could that be it? One man, is our bogeyman? Or is there something else. I’d love to know what others think. I have written a novel about lunatic, murdering clowns that happen to be cannibals! But as in all of my fiction…

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