An interview with Joy Lennick, author,editor and proofreader by K J Rollinson

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Today’s post is an interview with a talented author, editor, and proofreader, Joy Lennick. I have known Joy for several years as she is a member of WordPlay Writers’ Forum, Spain. Joy, is also the leader of a creative writing class, an off-shoot of the U3A (University of the 3rd Age). She set us a task in 2014 to write a modern fairy story, based on a classic. I chose to write about ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ calling my story ‘Little Scarlett Hudson’. It inspired me to publish ‘A Twist of Fairy Tales’. Nine stories in total, including completely new fairy stories written by me. I have dedicated the book to Joy Lennick, for her continuing zeal and inspiration. She has given me permission to quote her email address, which is: so if any of you want to get in touch with her as an editor and proofreader, you…

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That used to annoy me, that ‘inner voice thing.’ As it is, I think writing pushes us ever closer to the edge: the edge of reason, sanity, etc!

Go away for a week or more and you’ll find all of your carefully planned intentions were not adhered to. NOT ONE! As I was 3/4 into my latest book, I decided: I WILL RE-READ ALL I HAVE WRITTEN THUS FAR SO ‘IT IS FRESH IN ME MIND.’

TRUTH: I didn’t! Not one page–not one paragraph! Why? I forgot?

Still not sure if that’s true or not. Let me just say I didn’t do it.

CONSEQUENCES: I will have to start writing tomorrow. How I pick it up again is another blog post!

I really know what I was up to. I feel what I was up to as the characters are very real to me. But it’s still hard. Am doing laundry…

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