‘Year 3015’ by K J Rollinson

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This story is loosely inspired by Bill Bryson’s book ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ – only that he mentions asteroids and chimpanzees DNA.

It was the year 3015. During the last 1000 years, Earth had faced many disasters, mostly man-made. Global warming projections had proved devastatingly correct. Rising sea levels meant almost a third of the planet was underwater. In fact, you could take a glass-bottom boat to view part of New York under the sea – hailed as the New Lost Atlantis!

Thankfully, due to the advances made in cloning and DNA, most of the extinct animals could still be seen in zoos. There was not enough space to allow them to roam free. Livestock was cloned to prevent starvation of the planet’s remaining population. Billions had died as a result of wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, and numerous diseases were now resistant to antibiotics. The destruction of the…

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I have received some comments on ‘How Do you Write Your book?’ so I thought I would post some of them here. On the whole, the comments seem to agree with my method, although I appreciate there are many indie authors out there, and some may plan the whole of their book beforehand.

The copy/paste method wouldn’t allow me copy their link to their blogs, so I have had to resort to copy/paste the body of their comments.

I like the comment by ‘a quirkygirlinspain’, in which she says she meticulously planned her second book but the characters took over and ‘planned’ the end. Also the comments made by ‘vampwriterblog’ in which he refers to ‘pantser’ (writing by the seat of one’s pants).

1, by a quirkygirlinspain.

My first book was written without a firm plan in mind. I started with an English girl in Spain, who dumps her cheating…

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I have just started an on-line writing course. I have written six books and I have found I’ve got things all wrong!

The course stresses you should carefully go through the planning stage and know in advance the outline of your book, eg the major twists and turns of the plot and all the characters. It pooh-poohs the author who says the characters take over. Er…Hmm!! I’m guilty of this.

Okay, I probably know the beginning and the end of the plot and know some of the plots which happen in the middle, but rather than writing a detailed synopsis beforehand, I prefer to do a sort of a pitch. The course explains a pitch as getting to the heart of the book in a few words as possible. They give an example of a pitch and I quote:

Alice in Wonderland

‘Alice falls asleep one lazy summer’s day. She…

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