The Darkness in My Fiction

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In almost every review and any feedback my fiction receives, there is the reference to darkness. Yes, it’s fair–more than. Sometimes I wonder where that darkness comes from.

I said (and say) characters live in my head. Even if I’m not writing about them or thinking about them consciously, I know they’re there, lurking.

Even as a child I saw the world had horror in it. I read some books when I was probably too young to have read them. My mother was on the lookout for books with sexual themes. She wasn’t aware I was reading other sorts of books like Exodus and 1984. I read those when I was 11 and 12. Not good.

But I also read Nancy Drew and I loved it, but between Nancy Drew solving mysteries and my second guessing her, there was something else happening. I was seeing life beyond the comfort of…

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