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I have mentioned before I am a member of WordPlay Writer’s Forum, Costa Blanca, Spain,

One of the members, Peter Hayward, sent members a list of Websites, copied from the ‘Writing Magazine’, where you can promote your book. I wrote to Peter, asking him whether he minded if I passed them on.
The Neilsen database is a free database and is one of places where book shops, booksellers, libraries and world wide publishers visit before buying books.

I have also added Peter’s website . He has written very interesting educational books for children.

Peter Hayward
Learn with Alex and Anna

Here is the link to my author’s page where you can see all books.

Here are my links to my videos on YouTube.    ‘A Twist of Fairy Tales’ and here is the link to my Fallyn trilogy.

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Writing a Book While Writing a Book!

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Last year I accepted a challenge to write one story a week for 52 weeks. I did it, too! I wrote one story a week for 28 weeks, but then I switched over to writing stories (which became chapters) about a lunatic circus troupe. Those characters were based on a story I wrote  that is in my House of Horrors Anthology ,

That new novel, Circus of Horrors will be released within the next two weeks!

By the way, you can read that story free online here: Weirdest Show on Earth. 

This year I accepted a brand new challenge. Why you may ask. Well, I’m driven, obsessive and mad as well. But I find a writer has to be!

Instead of writing individual stories, I am writing chapters in a new work, entitled Enchanted. So far, I have three chapters written.

Now, I’m realistic enough to know I may not be able…

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