Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Classic Sci-Fi and Timely!

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body snatcher

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a classic sci-fi film that may be more than it seems. Hang on, I’ll get to that in a moment.

So what is it about? Dr. Miles Bentell returns to his small California town and discovers something is wrong. People are coming to see him in dire need of valium or something stronger! Even his girlfriend, Becky Driscoll is upset about her cousin, Wilma thinking her uncle Ira isn’t her uncle! The fear is mounting and just when we want things to happen and for it all to be fixed, everything’s okay! Wilma laughs and says Uncle Ira is fine.


Her uncle is smiling and smoking his pipe, looking like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. We’re supposed to be relieved—in fact, we are a bit relieved. Perhaps Wilma had a bad dream or imagined something…But wait! The paranoia begins to spread…

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