99 cents, Award Winning: The House on Blackstone Moor

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For a limited time: The House on Blackstone Moor, ebook can be purchased for 99 cents.

Named As One of Top 10 Books – 2013, Aoife Marie Sheridan – ALL THINGS FANTASY, Publisher, Ultimate Fantasy Books

“Worth its weight in blood.” – Indie Reader

“92 Horror authors you need to read right now”
Carole Gill — the Blackstone Vampires series
~Charlotte Books – EXAMINER


“They say my father was mad, so corrupted by evil and tainted by sin that he did what he did. I came home to find them all dead; their throats savagely cut. My sisters only five and eight were gone as well as my brother who was twelve. My mother too lay butchered in her marriage bed. The bed her children were born in…-

After young Rose Baines discovers the savage murders of her family by her mad, incestuous father, she is plunged into a nightmare…

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