Modern Slavery in Sudan. Part II. By K J Rollinson

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Slavery in Sudan was revived in 1983, when the Arab Muslim government began using slavery as a weapon in its war to put down Southern rebellion against the government imposition of Islamic law. Tens of thousands of people were enslaved.

The Christian Solidarity International (CSI) started working in Sudan in 1985. In 1995, the organisation discovered a local network of Africans and Arabs working together to retrieve the slaves. With the CSIs assistance, a sophisticated ‘underground rail road’ grew. A peace treaty in 2005 put an end to the slave raids. However, the treaty does not provide for those already enslaved.

The CSI is a Christian human rights NGO (non-governmental organisation, although it can be funded by a government, a foundation or a business) based in Switzerland, and works worldwide. The CSI also operates a clinic to provide medical care for returning slaves and other locals, and regularly leads expeditions…

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