Modern Slavery in Sudan Part I by K J Rollinson

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This week my blog is about modern slavery,inspired by Coleman Weeks’ blog on slavery, and reblogged by me, or you can go to There is an advert on the telly at the moment about modern slavery in the UK, but I want to write about slavery in Sudan, Africa.

When I did the research for my latest book ‘Where Lies My Heart’, part of which is set in Africa, I was appalled to learn that Sudan is one of the worse countries in the world for modern slavery.

This is not a new thing by any means. Slavery in Sudan started in ancient times, and continues to the present day. Since 1995, many human rights organisations have reported on this practice, especially in the context of the second Sudanese civil war. Both the government-backed militias and the rebels have been found guilty of abducting civilians.

The Sudanese government claims…

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