Modern Slavery in Sudan Part I by K J Rollinson

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This week my blog is about modern slavery,inspired by Coleman Weeks’ blog on slavery, and reblogged by me, or you can go to There is an advert on the telly at the moment about modern slavery in the UK, but I want to write about slavery in Sudan, Africa.

When I did the research for my latest book ‘Where Lies My Heart’, part of which is set in Africa, I was appalled to learn that Sudan is one of the worse countries in the world for modern slavery.

This is not a new thing by any means. Slavery in Sudan started in ancient times, and continues to the present day. Since 1995, many human rights organisations have reported on this practice, especially in the context of the second Sudanese civil war. Both the government-backed militias and the rebels have been found guilty of abducting civilians.

The Sudanese government claims…

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How I Became Katrina Van Tassel of Sleepy Hollow Fame!

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katrinia van

In light of the great reviews for Firbolg’s ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK: DARK MUSES, SPOKEN SILENCES ANTHOLOGY, I am reblogging this about how I came to write my story. Well, after all–Halloween is approaching and what better story is there than Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

I can’t think of a story I enjoyed writing more than this one!

I was delighted to be a part of Firbolg’s Enter at Your Own Risk, Dark Muses, Spoken Silences.

I was to reimagine the character, Katrina Van Tassel (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow). Wow! I thought. I’ll get into her skin and become Katrina. This is what I did. I wrote the story as Katrina. She had quite a lot to say!

I enjoy writing first person because (and I’ve said this before in posts) I studied acting many years ago. I was taught Method Acting–wherein you become the part…

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Impressions of poverty

Critical Dispatches

Our national epic has yet to be written – James Joyce

If you’ve ever listened to the song Running to Stand Still from U2’s Joshua Tree album you will have heard about the Irish town of Ballymun in the lyric “I see seven towers but I only see one way out.” Located on the northern periphery of Dublin city, Ballymun was at one time Ireland’s largest and – at least as much as my own experience has led me to hold – most unattractive public housing estate. Hastily conceived through a confluence of public and political pressure in response to a housing crisis in Dublin in the early 1960’s, the Ballymun Housing Project was missioned with providing relief from the wholly unsatisfactory conditions of the collapsing inner city slums for the region’s poorest and most desperate. Upon the project’s completion in 1966, the Ballymun estate featured seven fifteen-story tower blocks…

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Promote Yourself: Jasveena of International Book Promotion

I have had Jas for videos. I find her very helpful indeed.

Jane Dougherty Writes

I had a request to appear in this spot from Jasveena of International Book Promotion. This isn’t something I would normally do—the intention is to promote authors not businesses—but I made an exception here for two reasons.

Firstly, the service Jasveena proposes might be of interest to some of you authors, but mainly because she has an interesting blog that covers writing and book reviews, but is essentially devoted to articles about human rights, in particular women’s rights. You can visit Jasveena’s blog here


Here is a description of the author services offered via International Book Promotion.

International Book Promotion consists of a team of video enthusiasts and book lovers who aim to connect readers to writers and increase authors’ web presence via video marketing without breaking the bank.
We design visually appealing cinematic book trailers to attract potential buyers and increase web presence via videos. We promote authors via…

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Sell More Books Through Amazon Links

Nicholas C. Rossis

georiotI was reading a post on D.G. Kaye’s blog where she was explaining that “when we post links to our books on Amazon and people from different countries of the world click on them, you may be losing potential readers because many countries have their own country code in the URL and believe it or not, if they land on and aren’t tech savvy to navigate to their own country page, it results in a potentially lost sale.”

That’s when it occurred to me; I’m friends with Ryan Shepherd of GeoRiot fame, so why not ask him for a guest post on the subject? Here is what he has to say.

How To Sell More Books Through Your Amazon Links

In today’s break-neck, 24-hour news cycle culture, most people find it hard to decide what to pay attention to. So when someone elects to browse books online instead of…

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I know it isn’t Valentine’s Day, but last week I said in my blog I would include a story contained in my new book, ‘A Twist of Fairy Tales’, coming out at Christmas on Amazon. This is a tongue in the cheek version about the tin soldier, made famous by Hans Christian Andersen.


Once upon a time, there was a steadfast tin soldier. He tried very hard to march steadfastly as he stumbled through the dark forest, but he was so tired after taking part in a fearsome battle. At last he came to a glade and a little house made of gingerbread, biscuits, and sweets, where lived a brother and sister called Hansel and Gretel.

The tin soldier was getting over a fiery romance with a ballerina, which had gone up in smoke. His heart melted when he saw Gretel and he fell in love with her. He…

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Styles: The Secret for Word to Kindle


Word to Kindle

Microsoft Word’s Styles

There are five simple rules to follow to achieve very good Kindle formatting from Microsoft Word:

  1. Don’t use the tab key for anything.
  2. Don’t use two or more consecutive spaces (not even after a period).
  3. Don’t press the Enter key three or more times in a row.
  4. Use Word’s styles for any and all formatting that can be done through the styles (including indents—yes, it is possible).
  5. Avoid special characters and formatting that may not be supported on all devices.

The first three rules are really easy to follow. If you didn’t, you can use Word’s search and replace feature to easily remove tabs, extra spaces, or extra Enters. (Tab removal: Make a tab, cut it and paste it into the find field and leave the replace field blank. Double-space removal: Type two spaces and replace with one space, then repeat this find until no matches are…

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House of Horrors–Guaranteed to Keep You Up!

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house of horrors

Many people think I just write gothic horror. Well, I don’t. I write all sorts of horror. I have a particular fondness for circus horror. In fact, I have an anthology out now that contains 100k words of  vampires, zombies, murderous midgets, demon clowns, evil dolls, haunted cemeteries, a real shop of horrors, taxidermy gone haywire, serial killers and more!

Plainly, I tried to scare the pants of people! Some of the stories even unsettled me!

The book has been best selling every so often which inspired me to write a novel based on some of the characters. My novel is about some very weird sideshow performers. The working title is Circus of Horrors. I am just about to work on my final draft.
So many people are unsettled by various things. I have an ardent fan of my Gothic vampires who says she will read anything I write but no…

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#53 – Spitfire Sarah Returns, Dale J. Gordon, Lotuscast, Dan Hoger

Chris Brake Show Podcast

Spitfire Sarah returns from her massage school. Dale J. Gordon sends us an exclusive song from his recording session in Nashville. The Lotuscast calls in to talk about Sarah’s totally non-slutty cosplay costume at the Chicago Comic Con. And we also talk with Dan Hoger, the Wordsmith about the safety of e-cigarettes and something called “popcorn lung”.

Listen online

Download the MP3

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Chris Brake Show #53 - Spitfire Sarah Returns, Dale J. Gordon, Lotuscast, Dan Hoger


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Christine Das Homecoming solo exhibition at Penangpac, Penang, Malaysia #GTF2014

Please view this is such beautiful art work. Viv Drewa would particularly like the owl one.

The Crazy Bag Lady

10488168_779810155402728_1207417485842743510_n Christine Das

I met the artist Christine Das this afternoon at her exhibition. I introduced myself and we naturally fell into a long conversation about her work. She is beautiful, talented yet humble, despite her success. We talked about her moving back to Penang in the near future. I hope so. Penang would benefit having her home 🙂

CHRISTINE DAS, a Penang born artist, after spreading her wings out of her hometown, returns home to share her artistic journey in her solo art exhibition, ‘HOMECOMING’.

Out of Malaysia, her work has made early inroads to Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. Today, Christine is represented by Maya Gallery, Singapore. Her artwork was selected for an installation project by Wei Ling Art Gallery at the 2013 Art Basel Exhibition (known as the Olympics of Art) in Hong Kong. Since her debut, she has participated in numerous local and international…

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