Gothic Fiction is Gothic!

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I’m discussing what the word ‘Gothic’ means today and for the next three weeks. What’s thought of as ‘Gothic’ embraces much. Its influence is wide-spread. We use the word all the time. I have a vampire series out that is Gothic. But do we really know, what the word means?

Where does the word ‘Gothic’ come from? We can say that the word, ‘Goth’ refers to the Germanic tribes of marauding people called Goths who invaded Roman Dacia in the 5th Century, but what about the word that evolved from that? Could ‘Gothic’come from Gothic Cathedrals that gave the world Gothic architecture? Those magnificent structures tended to use gargoyles to drive away evil spirits. That’s interesting right there. What did those churches think might get in? Evil in the guise of Satan and his demons, perhaps?

Maybe Gothic architecture then went on to inspire Gothic literature. If it did, Gothic…

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