An Audio Book Review – Shadow Of Vengeance

The Voice Of Hubert Williams

ImageAs a matter of disclosure, I narrated Shadow Of Vengeance. The idea, characters and locations of the story all came from the wonderfully creative mind of Will Riley Hinton, of whom I am a big fan, as did the first two books of the Rocky Mountain Adventure Series. As a matter of timing, this book was released as I was having an emergency appendectomy. Both outcomes were well accepted. The book review is below. The appendectomy will not reviewed here.

Bear Rollins finds himself in the shadow of vengeance of a man named Cannon, a mountain man who had been involved in the kidnapping of young Melody Branson of Wyoming and theft of a specially bred, prize stallion which was to be the seed of a new line of horse stock and the foundation of the future of her father’s ranch. Bear thwarted that venture which left Cannon’s gang of…

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