“Put a Bow on it for Marebear”

To provide my readers a message worthy of your Eyes, Ears and Time I am going out long to explain my case to you, the Readers Court. I hope to compress several months of blogs into one package, a gift I hope to wrap presentably and put a bow on it for you, and Marebear, who is a dear and vital friend of mine who is not quite picking up on my train of thought and logic.

The Review- the wrapping paper for my gift, hope you like it!:
I need to go over the past blogs that are relevant to my summary.

I begin with an excerpt of a blog about” MeBots” which to me is one of the common maladies of Humanity and in a nut shell is a theory considering Humanity’s becoming myopic with it’s obsession of itself.

“Why oh why does humanity always find a new path away from happiness. In the book you will find when, where, how, and why humanity has always found time for tripping up themselves and one another, but now, the dreaded MeBots? Really?

You may read in the paper or see on the news instances that make you think to yourselves, really? Some instances are glaringly obvious, but there seem to be a constant in all, self-centeredness, or selfishness. Although this is nothing new it has never been the accepted way of life, never the textbook version of “How to run a business”, or even the very familiar “America’s Secret Formula for Governing, Locally, Nationally, and Abroad”. So why now?”
For the blog in it’s entirety I post the link below
Why is Humanity turning into a bunch of MeBots? http://endofhumanity.weebly.com/1/post/2014/02/why-is-humanity-turning-into-a-bunch-of-mebots.html

In the blog I mentioned my book which is “The End of Humanity” The fictional story’s setting is in the Universe during the beginning of time for Earth and traveling well into the fictional future. http://endofhumanity.weebly.com/2/post/2014/03/about-the-book-the-end-of-humanity.html

Next we discussed “Strange Associations” in which I detailed the trend of society which seems to be a beginning to a dystrophic existence for Humanity.

“In the Mebot blog we looked at the trends that could predict Humanity’s trek forward, but what is driving this bad situation?

When watching the United States’ current events a strange action keeps happening, groups are making some very strange partners. The next thing we will see is oil and water combining as one and become something nasty that you would not drink, or put on your salad.

Soon the new group might be heroes joining villains in a common pursuit of making money from others misfortunes. Maybe Batman and the Joker will steal all the Salvation Army Red Christmas donation pots to save Gotham City or maybe a little closer to my point would be a rendition of Superman and Lex Luther blowing up the Pentagon to give control of the country to a consortium of corporations. Sounds stupid, I agree totally.”
For more on the strange alliances currently at work go to:

Next we discussed Hate hiding behind the skirts of humanity’s weakness which is the method hate spreads to corrupt our lives:

“Well, I will be doggoned if it is not bringing the demise of humanity to center-stage, and humanity and it’s heightened intellect is still falling for the same trick, the same evil, fear is driving humanity to it’s own destruction.”

“Fear has a powerful spawn, hate is what we know it as. Hate is intoxicating to man and a genius at sabotage and very apt in concealing its identity. Hate masquerades as righteousness, impersonates natural instinct, heck it can even stoop down and hide behind the skirts of intolerance, but intolerance is not really its momma nor it’s grandmother, but it will hide there just the same. Hate and the weaker sibling greed come out when we are not on guard and dance, laugh and sing, but we don’t see and we don’t listen to our soul begging us to rid our lives of the threat.”

I think this is a perfect time to suggest Tolerance.

“I could restate the enormity of this subject with mathematics, and charts, but let’s huddle up to the principles involved. The end-resulting facts need no clarification by numbers and trend charting. It is very clear, some care, some do not. The shocking evidence is in the pudding, and few like the taste of intolerance. The bitter truth is many of our problems are obscured deep within our self.
The villain: My intolerance fueled by ignorance…. “

In prior post the topics have been Me Bots, Misguided Groups, Haters and now it is Ninnies. Ninnies are ignorant, but innocent and create a majority presence in the family of Humanity. As infuriatingly frustrating some of us might find their lack of concern they could not be considered evil or misguided, just Ninnies. Maybe some classification will clarify this subject of today’s topic. http://endofhumanity.weebly.com/2/post/2014/04/the-ninnies.html

Next we travel to a new domain and visit a blog of mine and Anne Rasico who is an author specializing in dystopian fiction novels. At this site I have published several blog posts concerning the dystrophic challenges I believe Humanity faces in the future. First I initiate this perspective with a basic blog on Dystopia.

“Marie Antoinette and all the ruling class were executed when the masses finally took control and it was not the first time and certainly not the last. Oppression applied through today’s system is the worst as hate is the agent that takes your rights. The path is clear for the country to hate it’s way to the poor house, heck pretty soon you might be paying a trillionaire for the chance to graze in the front yard of the elite less than 1%.

Ever since the civil rights laws took effect during the Johnson administration the ability for Americans to feed themselves has slowly diminished to the point where fast food is the career option for our college grads and when computer automation can do that, well we did it to ourselves, didn’t we. “

Then I looked into the future with a futuristic theory:

“May I say up front, I feel we should continue to be the country that fosters the rise out of poverty for all, by all. While my priority is for Americans I am concerned with the world, particularly when I see pictures of babies in far off lands with vultures watching them lecherously.

All poverty must be dealt with and the choice between life and death situations and our country as whole having the wealth to deal with problems abroad is the big question for me, not should we feed our country’s children at school who will go hungry if not fed, that is a no-brainer for the United States I was raised in, but many of today’s politicians seem to have a different direction, which to me is sinister and to them apparently something to disguise.

This first look is a glimpse of national politics which demonstrates the powers-to-be’s willingness to disguise their true intentions from the voters.”

Recently I began a new blog to demonstrate how the innocents are victimized.
My own personal story that really boils down to Social programs and entitlements. I have never enjoyed Government assistance nor asked until now, and it is my entitlement through the Social Security taxes I have paid for almost 4 decades that come into to this perspective. http://marsocialauthorbussinesswhatiseeinthemirror.wordpress.com/

My video introduction: http://marsocialauthorbussinesswhatiseeinthemirror.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/introduction-to-what-i-see-in-the-mirror-post-1/
“My name is Coleman Weeks and I live in Southwest Florida. Over thirty years ago I developed Hepatitis “C’ .

About four years ago I grew tired and fatigued constantly. I worked as a manager of a retail outlet and had the knack of sales and customer relations. Times were tough in 2010 for sales, including retail and my company was firing most managers in my district. It was a common practice of the company to do strange things like not permit your vacation for whatever excuse they could conjure up and make you work on your one day off during your mandatory 54-work hour week. I averaged above 65 hrs. a week for over two-years. I could not get a vacation regardless of how much I begged and I quit to go get some sleep and start somewhere else part-time. I slept virtually non-stop for a month, but could not shake the fatigue.”

Now Let’s put a bow on it:

We have looked to the history of Humanity and the future technological advances that will have a direct impact on the demise of over 50% of the occupations we use to support our lives today. I have demonstrated with theory and fact the obvious challenges we face and the issues which exasperate our problems. After hundreds of thousands of words the fix is simple and as more and more families face the future they are allowing to take shape it will be understood. We are all one big family and if we do not consider our brothers suffering as our own we are doomed to learn to, the hard way. There, isn’t that a pretty present.

a gift


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