If Only the Count Had Gone To New York!

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Right? I mean could you see it? There he is sailing past the Statue of Liberty, wearing tinted glasses and looking very dishy as in Coppola’s film. He’s eyed up by more than a few ladies. Well see, there’s this thing about him. Don’t ask me why but there just is!

Now, in my version (purely to write an engaging and entirely speculative blog post) a New York Real Estate Firm has sent Jonathan Harker’s American cousin, Jack over to see the Count. He isn’t left there because he’s a fast talking guy and he manages to get away from the Count’s wives. He eventually goes back to his office but by the time he gets there, his boss doesn’t want to know about any problems he’s had almost being drained. See, Peter Hawkins’ New York Office has sold the Count a few apartment buildings in Manhattan.

Dracula’s favorite is…

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