Byron, Frankenstein and The Vampyre!

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There was no summer in Europe in 1816. The catastrophic effects of the Tambora eruption in Indonesia were the cause of that. The eruption had been so violent as to cause a fine layer of ash to block the sun. The earth became colder as a result, cold and dreary.

As it was Lord George Gordon Bryon, found a great many things dreary. He had spoken with his physician and friend, John Polidori about spending the summer at the villa. as usual. That was how it started. But because he was probably still bored when he arrived at his summer residence near Lake Geneva, Byron decided to invite some friends over.

Percy Shelley and his fiancée Mary Wollstonecraft, along with her step sister Clare Claremont, pregnant with Bryon’s child were eager to come. These young people were all free spirits, way ahead of their time you might say.

The weather…

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