The Ninnies

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement- Anne's Post

In prior post the topics have been MeBots, Misguided Groups, Haters and now it is Ninnies. Ninnies are ignorant, but innocent and create a majority presence in the family of Humanity. As infuriatingly frustrating some of us might find their lack of concern they could not be considered evil or misguided, just Ninnies. Maybe some classification will clarify this subject of today’s topic.

Ninnies would have some characteristics that will help you recognize them. Firstly their is no outward physical appearance or trait that is tangible, but rather their actions will indicate their ninnyness. If you notice someone being mugged or pickpocketed on the street downtown and seems copasetic with the assault you can consider them a Ninny. If you watch someone suffer dehumanization and only shrug and schlep off or if you see someone in the road with a big truck barreling towards them and they just…

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