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photo (15)I was invited by two authors Coleman Weeks and Augusta Fern to take part in the writing process blog tour that was started by author Regina Puckett. It’s purpose is to showcase different authors methods all over the world. 

Coleman is an amazing spiritual man with a huge heart. And a wonderful author of many different genre’s. His books are; End of Humanity, Corkscrew Catastrophe. And he writes his WordPress blogs,  and, 

Augusta has one of the most amazing imaginations and it shows in her books Morte’ Series, Babet’s Epiphany, and Revelations of Cian. Her blogs are on WordPress, and Goodreads   If you get a chance you should check out these books and blogs. 

Q: What Are you working on?
A: I am currently working on my second erotic romance. Master Mike’s story. Not really sure if that’s what the title is yet, but since…

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