“The Emporium” continued from 3-9-2014

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Continued from earlier at http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementeroticromancepos.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/the-emporium/

Dr. Saurpoose noted the voyeurism, this did not seem masochistic, no John seemed self absorbed and the masochism and the self awareness did not seem to jive.

“So is Annie a prostitute?”

“Certainly not”

“How did watching a show lead to a relationship?”

“I sent her champagne after the show and left, I was smitten, but had no intention of striking up a romance. She haunted my days more and more, and I sent her roses, I ordred her champagne from home, and when I did come back to the Emporium for dinner she knew who I was. I sent her Champagne after the show and hung around for a nightcap and she came out and thanked. Then I went home happy.

“So you stalked her in a sense?”

“Yes, and she turned the tables and had me up close to the stage after a…

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