Sammy and His Quacky Friend

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Sammy, being a cat, was naturally very curious.  As a young kitten, he was always touching and smelling things to find out what they were.  Sometimes, this did not make the humans in the household very happy!  His mother tried to teach him what was okay to play with or smell; sometimes he paid attention, but most of the time he didn’t.  The humans were getting very frustrated with him and tried using water bottles to spray him when he did something wrong.  He’d just wait until they put the water bottle away and do it again!  His mother was getting angry with him too and would slap him alongside the head with her paw.  Sammy just kept on being Sammy.

Finally, the humans decided to let him go into the yard.  If he played enough outside and explored everything there was to see, maybe he would be tired when…

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