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The Whidden story in America began in 1635 when sixteen-year-old John Whiddon crossed the Atlantic and stepped onto Virginia soil. It continues through William, son of the immigrant, and ends my grandchildren, thirteen generations later. 

John Whidden

was born 1619 in England, and died 1678.


Augustine Whidden, b. 1645, Virginia, d. Sep 15, 1693, Lower Norfolk County, Norfolk, VA.

William Whidden, b. 1700, Lower Norfolk Co VA, d. 1780, Nash, NC.

Lott Whidden

(son of William Whidden) was born 1729 in Lower Norfolk Co VA, and died 1784 in Nash Co NC.

James W Whidden, b. 1770, Edgecombe Co N.C., d. 1845, Ware Co Ga.

William J Whidden

(son of James W Whidden) was born 1802, and died date unknown. He married Lucinda they were GGGrandma Johnson’s parents (Mollie Johnson).

                                          Notable Whidden cousins

The Whiddon family of Chingford, in the county of Devon…

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