Second Chances-Sammy’s Story by Annie Edmonds * a review with Coleman

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I have known Annie for a while as we belong to several of the same groups and have helped one another in the past, I would call her a friend. I have also known about her book “Second Chances-Sammy’s Story” and how that class of romance fiction suffers a little friction in some author’s circles, but is also loved by others. Spending some of my teenage years in the Navy I am acquainted with erotica, and in assisting my fellow authors promote their work I am becoming acquainted with Romance fiction. My personal preferences range a few classes and even a few Genre, but I do like an action/drama from time to time and mystery/crime stories as well. Imagine my surprise when Annie gave me all of that and more.

Sammy’s Story is about second chances and it is erotica based, but the mystery threw me a curve, and…

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Crackertail’s beginnings post 2

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He came from Middlesex, England with roots in 1216 North Wyke and died about 1688 or 1689 in New England. The name Weeks reached English shores for the first time with the ancestors of the Weeks family as they migrated following the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Weeks family lived in Sussex. The name, however, derives from the Old English word wic, which describes someone who lives at an outlying settlement.

William is believed to be the son of Richard Wickes (Weeks) who names his son, William in his [1638] will and being in New England. When William Weeks began coming to the Vineyard that it was governed by Indians. It seems that the mariners spent the summers on the island and the winters at Plymouth on the mainland. By the time the first proprietor of the island, Thomas Mayhew, Sr. arrived on the Island in 1642…

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Questions for the author

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Jaro Berce sent me a quick interview and I wish to share my answers to review Ed Gellock’s and Jaro’s answers please stop by :

What am I working on?
I am interested in a variety of projects. I assist a community of authors through group blogs at MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Blogs and am writing a fictional history/inspirational novel “Jungle Heat”. I find these projects challenging and worthwhile pursuits. Both are complex endeavors but any steps forward are very satisfying.

How does my work differ from others of the same genre?
I have no glaring difference, my peers vary in skill and technique and I think no two are the same.

Why do I write what I do?
I write and work on the projects that will not leave my thoughts. If an idea comes to mind my brain takes control and I have little choice, but to…

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Crackertails on

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MARSocial is publishing my fictional historic novel “Crackertails” by excerpt, this picture and it”s embedded link are the third excerpt of the novel and when we are done the entire book will have been shared with our readers. Please feel free to follow these postings and enjoy my work.

“Crackertails” chronicles nine generations of Florida’s settlers from the first of the Florida Indian Wars to today. The Florida Pioneer story typically begins with settlers coming to the state to take advantage of the free range cattle and land available thanks to President Jackson. As in most pioneer stories throughout the nation life was tough and rugged individuals survived the test of living the pioneer life.

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O’Brien School for the Maasai Updated via Facebook

How do we feed the world's starving

kellie obrien fund raiser

Kellie O’Brien had a fundraiser this past weekend, we hope it went well. Kellie has been very busy and I thought we could share some of her Facebook postings to update the “How do we feed the world’s starving” readers. As you can see by the photographs she was at the school unloading supplies well into February and back in the United States at a fundraiser in Illinois. Kellie is doing some great work with her school, please feel free to visit her Facebook page and support her efforts.

Per post on Kellie's Facebook page for the school " Rebecca did a photo project with students and staff for #InternationalWomensDay. Please read, share, repost, like, etc. to spread the word and inspiration!" Per post on Kellie’s Facebook page for the school
” Rebecca did a photo project with students and staff for #InternationalWomensDay. Please read, share, repost, like, etc. to spread the word and inspiration!”

After almost five hours, we're done! Special thanks to the Maasai warriors and elders, Pristine Trails porters and guides, and OBSM friends and volunteers for putting in the hard work to unpack! After almost five hours, we’re done! Special thanks to the Maasai warriors and elders, Pristine Trails porters and guides, and OBSM friends and volunteers for putting…

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LaRae Parry’s “The Danish Pastry” a *Review* with Coleman

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The Danish Pastry is a fictional romance of the paranormal class, and was a good read. The protagonist is a Danish princess, Leslee Larsen. Leslee escapes Denmark and the life of a royal to San Diego, Ca. in hopes of avoiding a planned marriage. The adventures of the debutante are romantically based with suspense and mystery with a touch of paranormal activities. With a supporting cast of likable characters, excepting the villainous “Troy”, the author provides a good story that introduces next book in the series.

LaRae has seven books available on Amazon and writes several blogs. She is the host of MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Humor Blog

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Regina Puckett- “Songs That I Whisper” (Warren Family) a *Review* with Coleman

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Regina Puckett is an award-winning author with over 45 years experience. During the last 5 years she has compiled an Amazon library of 30 books ranging from Horror to Children’s Literature with generous helpings of Romance and Poetry. As intriguing as these credentials were I wondered how well I would enjoy her work. Not being a staunch romance reviewer I chose just that and in “Songs That I Whisper” was not disappointed in my effort to review or time spent reading.

I felt the protagonist be a couple, Seth Black and Suzette Warren, but so many of the characters were skillfully defined I felt as I met a community. Set in Murphysboro, Tennessee and staged in Florida as well, I gained insight to the musician’s life through the story the author and her plot, settings and characters supplied. The skillful definition each facet was given was thorough yet not…

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Come Promote With Us

The MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Blogs are a unique opportunity for readers and authors alike. We are opening blogs specific to classes of writing and bringing authors and readers together. Authors are offered support,  author pages, and possibly group blog sites for free so they may share blogging post that are free to readers. We understand that readers and authors depend on each other and becoming a little closer is a great way to make things easier on all of us. Please come join this open community as there is a place for everyone.

Authors, come take advantage of the group’s support as there is strength in numbers. If you are too busy to host a blog, submit an author page on the site that fits your work. The group will be promoting daily on all the social networks and as we grow we can attempt even more advanced marketing to enhance your business. Those authors who wish can post guest blog articles to enable the readers to know you a little better and enjoy your writing. Regardless what level of participation you choose you will find support and promotion of your work and yourselves.

Readers, please come review our extensive selection of blogs and authors. The blogging platform gives you the ability to comment, share your own work and get to know authors that you enjoy. You will find authors that answer your questions and a blogging community open to publishing appropriate stories that you wish to share. We hope you do enjoy the sites and tell your friends about our authors and the blogs.

See, there is a place for all, come stop by.


World Book Day

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World Book Day 2014.

 World Book Day is a yearly event to promote reading, publishing and copyright. In the United Kingdom this is usually recognised on the first Thursday in March.

World Book Day Wales co-ordinated by the Welsh Books Council, and is supported by the Welsh Government.World Book Day Wales was held on Thursday, 6 March 2014.

The following photograph shows a little boy at his school’s world book day in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

kj blog Evan at his school's World Book Day

Evan’s mum emailed me saying ‘Fallyn and the Dragons’ has to be read to him every night before he goes to sleep. She also told me that at the school’s World Book Day, the older children read to the younger children excerpts from the books and the teacher said they loved them.  I only hope they loved them enough to buy them!

World Book Day is a celebration! It is a celebration of authors…

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How Do We Feed The World’s Starving

How do we feed the world's starving

How Do We Feed The World’s Starving

During the time when I decided to write “How Do We Feed The World’s Starving” and after publishing we faced many natural disasters and hardship’s on our fellow man. In the next few blogs we will be visiting our missionaries via their web presence and see what they are currently dealing with. I know that Jeff and Mary Ann Anderson with ACTION International Ministries are combating the effects of the massive typhoon and Jeff is recuperating from surgery while he works. Jeff is fortunate in having a wife like Mary Ann to partner with and find support in, and the Philippines are fortunate for having them to share their love and care.

Feb. 14, 2014 class is open after the typhoon destroyed the building as the students set up their desk in the back yard    Feb. 14, 2014 class is open after the typhoon destroyed the building as the students set up their desk in the back yard

The Anderson’s will be our next stop, until then…

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